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Are you looking for the right martial art school in McDonough, Locust Grove, Stockbridge or Jackson?

Whether you’re looking to get in shape, learn self-defense or equip your child with confidence, discipline, focus and respect I encourage you to keep your eyes glued…

Victory Martial Arts Academy has been providing martial arts instruction, lessons and classes for men, women and children in the McDonough and Locust Grove area since 2002.

If you are looking for a martial art school with a great family atmosphere and instructors who sincerely care about you and want to help you and your child be successful in life, then Victory Martial Arts is the place to be.

Not all martial art schools are created equally. We believe there are a number of unique features of Victory Martial Arts Academy that will ensure a top quality Martial arts education for you and your child.

The founders of Victory Martial Arts, McDonough have over 25 years experience in taekwondo, hapkido, karate, kickboxing, grappling and other the martial arts. They can relate to children in martial arts because they started martial arts as children. They are also the parents of three boys, two of which are assistant instructors at the school, so they understandwhat martial arts parents are looking for and treat each child as their own. They take their responsibility as role models and mentors very seriously, teaching the children the importance of developing strong character and excellent moral values.

Of course, Victory Martial Arts is not just for kids and teens. Our college age and adult students enjoy the individual attention in classes that helps them achieve their personal goals in the martial arts and in life.

We encourage you to explore our website to see how our programs can meet your specific needs.

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