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Mixed Martial Arts Classes for the Whole Family

You Want Your Child To Have the Tools to Be Safe and Succeed In Life.

You are about to learn what other Parents just like you are doing to give their Children and Edge on Life & their Kids Love it too!

Most parents KNOW that kids love martial arts.

What SURPRISES them the most once their children have started training is Remarkable.

In fact, there is no other activity that teaches FOCUS, SELF DISCIPLINE and RESPECT the way Karate classes do.

Some kids from Henry County actually have come back after High School to share with us that the lessons they learned at our gym about FOCUS AND SELF DISCIPLE helped them to earn their degrees with high honors, all from taking our Classes.


Watch What Locust Grove, McDonough & Ola Parents Are Saying About us !

“I Love Victory Martial Arts!”

“My Child Is More Self Disciplined, Self Confident & Considerate”


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The pressures that your children face today are many:
  • Peer Pressure at school
  • Constant Distractions from Social Media
  • The Anxiety to fit in with others
  • The constant barrage of their self esteem by others or siblings


That’s Why Parents are now Enrolling their Kids In Mixed Martial Arts lessons more now than ever before.

You see, at Victory MMA we see ourselves as not only martial arts teachers, we also see ourselves As mentors for young boys and girls helping them to reach their potential.

We have all seen the “KARATE Kid” movie. At Victory, we strive for the each student to have That irreplaceable mentor ship that teaches lessons for both in the realm of self defense And Life.

At Victory Martial Arts we help youth girls & boys to become FOCUSED, SELF CONTROLLED AND RESPECTFUL in a fun way that leaves them motivated for each new class.

Yes, we teach them how to effectively handle an abduction scenario and anti bullying techniques to keep them safe.

But equally important we teach them to not BE the bully, but find ambition in setting new goals and reaching them while maintaining humility.

Here is What World Renowned Child Psychologist Dr.Ruth Peters said About Kids Doing Karate Type Training.

World renowned child psychologist Dr. Ruth Peters (featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS Good Morning, NBC’s Today, CNN Morning News, MSNBC and Lifetime Live) recommends sending children with ADHD and other behavioral and discipline problems to a martial arts school to increase their focus, concentrate better, and have more self-control.” She goes on to say: “I believe that martial art training is one of the best activities a child can participate in to build confidence, self-esteem, and discipline.” Article source

Here is another study on the effects of martial art training lessons conducted by several Doctors: “Results of this study were determined by a comparison between pre scores and post scores on the rating scale. Martial Arts was proven to increase percentage of homework completion, academic performance, and percentage of classroom preparation while decreasing the number of classroom rules broken and times inappropriately leaving the seat. This study lends empirical support to martial arts as a positive intervention for children with AD/HD. Results of the study are discussed in terms of future interventions in the physical education classroom or in a private setting to help children control symptoms associated with AD/HD.” Source link

Bottom Line – We Help Parents Develop Rock Solid Kids!

We do this all in a safe, clean and fun environment that will INSPIRE your children to get Off the devices and get Active and Productive!

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We also provide the unique option to train WITH you child or just have them take the class.

Classes are forming now so don’t delay!
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